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Self Help Mind Control,Defeat Substance Abuse,Defeat Addiction,Overcome Excess Weight,Resolving Personal Trauma

Self Help Mind Control

Your brain does far more than merely direct the functions of your body. It remembers various data, making it possible for you to perform such tasks as analyzing, deciding, abstracting, and calculating. During your lifetime, it is capable of storing a million billion "bits" of information. Whether you can recall all this data at will is immaterial. If not immediately present in your conscious mind, it is however, stored away in your subconscious mind.

And now enters the real villain in this drama taken from real life your subconscious mind. Or is it the hero? The answer depends upon what is stored in your memory banks and upon how you have been programmed in the past. Some authorities believe that the subconscious has 10 times the power of the conscious mind, which fact might be pertinent in attempting to comprehend how the tiny 100 lb. mother can lift an automobile to release her child trapped under it, then collapse when the realization of what she has done finally reaches her conscious mind. Whatever the proportionate powers of the subconscious, one fact remains clear; it does not miss a trick.

Although a tremendous input of data is pouring into your brain at all times, your conscious mind is aware of just a fraction of this data. Your subconscious mind, on the other hand, hungrily soaks up this environmental data and stores it securely in your memory cells for future use. When the time arrives for you to make a decision or have a reaction, the brain searches all this stored data with amazing speed and you arrive at a decision or reaction based upon your prior programming, i.e., what has been impressed upon your brain consciously or subconsciously.


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Self Help Mind Control,Defeat Substance Abuse,Defeat Addiction,Overcome Excess Weight,Resolving Personal Trauma